Billions Pass Through this Landscape

We all play different roles to different people at different times. It's as though each of us plays a whole cast of characters that we cycle through. Our identity shifts and evolves as various relationships and experiences shape us, and at the same time, we all have patterns that we repeat; roles that are closer to our core. In this series I explore how people fit into different relationships, and how these can change: a constantly shifting malleable identity.


I use animal stereotypes (they way they are commonly depicted in literature, film and fables) to stand in for personality types. By plugging in a different animal's head on a human body, we tend to read the character as a personality type rather than an individual. Playing with the characters in different combinations allows for different dynamics to emerge. Pairing up predator and prey animals makes for an easy read, and people tend to identify the type of relationship quickly, although it is interesting how there is still such a variance in viewers' interpretations.


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